Independent Foreclosure Review on Vondran Legal Hour you may be entitled to $125,000

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If you were the victim of  a wrongful foreclosure, including if you were a service member foreclosed on or another person foreclosed on while in the foreclosure and loss mitigation process.  You may be entitled to compensation as high as $125,000 and loss equity.  This is the reqview 14 of the loan servicers are now undertaking to see if you might apply for financial compensation for injuries suffered at the hands of the major banks.

For example, if you were in a modification and then foreclosed, you might have rights to compensation.

If you made all three trial plan payments and then were denied a loan modification, you might also be entitled to payments.

There are several categories that will be looked at.

Here is a list of ways you might be able to get compensated financially with the Independent Foreclosure Review.

If you need an attorney to review your case and present the facts in the best light possible, give us a call at (877) 276-5084.

We maybe be able to offer a low flat fee/contingency case hybrid depending upon the facts of your case.





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2 Responses to “Independent Foreclosure Review on Vondran Legal Hour you may be entitled to $125,000”
  1. vicki says:

    wells fargo fha hud the whole chain o f people destroyed mine and my daughters lives we are both disabled they stole everthing we had illegally and nobody will do anything about it they now we have no money left .i have all my docs but they arnt legal they evicted us in 2011 we are still homless this the goverment is all in on it why dont they do anything

  2. Foreclosure Defense Attorney Steve Vondran says:

    I am sorry to hear that.


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